The High Line, Manhattan.

The High Line, Manhattan.
Last month I did some reconnaissance on the northern end of the High Line, a defunct elevated railway on Manhattan's West Side. Due to inclement weekend weather my initial scouting has yet to lead to a full-blown expedition. But I saw enough to understand that this is a pretty extraordinary place. Some people think it should be turned into a park, like the Promenade Plantee in Paris. Not a bad idea.

I took a lot of photos. Some more of them are here.

Exploration inspiration was provided by The Morning News and Q Daily News.

. . .
I wrote a story about photo weblogs for Slate: Picture Pages: Web sites for people who hate to read.

After some waffling I decided to call these sites 'photologs' instead of 'photoblogs.' The latter is just a little... overcrowded. The masses seem to agree with me.

Links to more photo-oriented sites are in the left column of my links page. Find your own favorites on Photoblogs.org, which is off to a good start even though its voting system has more holes than a Lite-Brite.

Related: The Smoke screenplay. Search for "millimeter" on this page to find the scene I quoted in my story. This quote also seems appropriate: "Sometimes it feels like my hobby is my real job, and my job is just a way to support my hobby."