Cape Cod, Massachusetts. .

Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Some related links for my NYT story on contacting the Axis of Evil and friends:

-- North Korea: The Great Leader KIM IL SUNG lives forever!!
-- China.org.cn: Letters to Editor. Includes the recipe for Sweet and Sour Fish in Squirrel Shape and the letter from a remarkably articulate Australian boy. I tried writing to the editor but was told the address did not exist. Hmmm.
-- Libya: Contact Col. Qaddafi using the SMS to Leader page.
-- Iran: E-mail President Khatami. It looks like the Java thing on this page only lets you type in Farsi. But it makes up for this by letting you insert anyone's address at the top. This could come in handy if you've forgotten your Hotmail password and want to fire off a note to a friend who can read Farsi.
-- President Khatami's guestbook is a bizarre free-for-all. "Hi-just want to wich you a happy easter from sweden."
-- Brian McWilliams' story about hacking Saddam's e-mail. He justified the snooping in a post on Slashdot that was not very well received. Brian has another story today on Saddam's brother.
Not entirely related but worthy of note:
-- "I made pizza for Kim Jong Il." A long and bizarre account. See also parts two and three.
-- Did you know that anyone can get a domain name with Libya's .ly extension for just $50 a year? If you can get past that country's minor image problems, the adverbial possibilities are total.ly endless.
-- China's main government site features a big pop-up ad from China Telecom. Whitehouse.gov could earn some serious cash doing this.
If there is some kind of watch list for people with suspicious surfing and e-mail habits, the research for this story definitely put me on it.