Herald Square and vicinity,

Herald Square and vicinity, Manhattan.

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Something I wrote for MIT's Technology Review: The Web's Missing Links. I've posted it on my site because you need to be a subscriber or pay to read the whole thing on the magazine's site. I've been told that the copyright police are unlikely to bust me for this.

The story is about backlinking, or the practice of automatically linking back to the pages that are linking to your page. Weblog people have been playing with this idea for a while, and it has some interesting implications for the wider Web as well. When I started working on this story I added a simple backlinking feature to the right column of this page. One thing I like about it is the feeling of giving up control over a corner of my own site. Someone could follow a link there and discover a new site that I've never even seen. It's all about embracing unpredictability...

The related links I would normally post here are next to the article itself.