Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Upper West Side, Manhattan.
Yes, these are pictures of a kitty. You got a problem with that? (If not, there are more here.)

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The guy and gal who do the WebTalkGuys Radio Show read my Business 2.0 story about the Google quest and asked if they could interview me for this week's show. "Web Girl Dana" writes:

The show will broadcast on CNET Radio Saturday, 8/17 from 10-11am PST in San Francisco/San Jose (910 AM), in Boston (890 AM) at 1pm EST and the XM Satellite network on channel 130. It will repeat on Sunday, 8/11 at 5pm PST. It will stream live on CNET at www.radio.com at those times. It is also broadcast in Seattle on KLAY 1180 AM on Saturday at 11 am.
Or you can just listen to the interview right now in RealAudio or Windows Media format.

One clarification: I'm a freelancer, not a NYT reporter.

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Related e-mail:

From: Marcy ... <...@bellsouth.net>
Subject: (no subject)

I was wondering, does David Gallagher answer his own e-mail or does someone do it for him?

Thanks for writing, Marcy. Unfortunately my e-mail is answered very sporadically, if it is answered at all. I should really think about getting someone to do it for me.