Broad Channel, Queens. Even

Broad Channel, Queens.
Even in its more remote neighborhoods, New York is a competitive town. Grandparents who don't promote their services aggressively may find themselves shut out of Broad Channel's grandparenting market.

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A New York rock band called Run Like Hell asked me if they could use the second photo from my 2.9 entry on the cover of their demo CD. I've always wanted to do an album cover, so I said yes. The CD, which is called "Ghosts," is available from the band's site. I asked band member Rob to describe their music:

time out new york called us "semi-sincere post hardcore with big hooks." or you could just call us a loud rock band.
It's not really my kind of thing, but they do get bonus points for this song title: "That's a Compelling Story, Mr. Jackass."

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In other photo news, I put together a gallery of photos for a friend who was interested in using one on the cover of a textbook. (He picked this one.) Many of these photos have been seen here before. Many of them are pretty, and none are gritty. You have been warned.