Hudson River piers, Manhattan.

Hudson River piers, Manhattan.

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More on my story about weblogs in today's NYT. These are the links that would have been in the article if the NYT put links in articles:

-- Eric Olsen's post about crushing lefty-fascist essayists with a blog book.
-- Jason Kottke responds to Olsen's remark. (A day earlier he critiqued a myopic article on warblogs.)
-- Matt Haughey backs up Jason.
-- Max Power (Ted Frank) responds to the responses. (More feedback on the same page.)
-- The new Blogroots site, put together by Matt, Meg Hourihan and Paul Bausch.
-- Ken Layne says the tech bloggers don't mean much to him.
-- Also mentioned: Camworld, Instapundit, Scripting News.

Full transcripts of my interviews will be posted here as soon as somebody pays me to write them up. (I'm a freelancer.)

If I had been given room for one more paragraph in the story, it would have emphasized the point that blogs can be about more than just politics or technology. Some are about other important things. Some are about very little, and that's just fine. Some are about photos. Links to more sites like this are in the right column.