Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. This

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.
This building, last seen here on 7.12, demanded closer inspection.

It's the old-school version of yesterday's sign/building.

Under all the paint, it's really old school (see 9.10).

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Speaking of yesterday's building, Thomas writes:

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 09:47:23 -0800 (PST)
Subject: robert venturi's wet dream

...The building on 7th ave. and 50th is a real joy. Robert Venturi was talking about it on Charlie Rose a few months back as an example of the New Architecture. At any rate, it's a neat facade.

It's built by Morgan Stanley tho it was sold to Lehman Brothers in a post-911 shift towards decentralization. The "rebranding" of the display was the subject of a cute "talk of the town" piece about a month ago.

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I wrote a tiny item (scroll down) for the NYT on the Scientology vs. Google incident.

Lots of other people wrote about this, but the most exhaustive and link-loaded version is at Microcontent News.

Interesting footnotes: There was a protest at Google about this yesterday. And one clever individual bought an ad on Google linking to the xenu.net home page that Google had pulled from its index. (Google put the home page back last night, saying it had been inadvertently removed. The sub-pages that the Scientologists complained about are still missing.)