Product Watch, Milan

Tiny Coke. Only 30 cents! Why don't we get these in the U.S.? (Because people here like Super Big Gulps.)

(It is interesting to note that Coke cans often have pictures of Coke bottles on them, but the bottles never have pictures of cans.)

Mental licorice drops. No connection with Smartfood.

Yummy pig snouts at Peck. I refrained from photographing the Damien Hirst-esque piglet.

See also 4.19.

. . .
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 14:25:04 -0600 From: for-home-services@wcom.com Subject: MCI e-Customer Service

Dear Mr Gallagher,

Thank you for contacting MCI e-Customer Service.

In reference to your recent e-mail, I attempted to call but you was not at home.

This is from a communications company.

And I was home.