From a fast train near

From a fast train near Genoa, Italy.

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Excerpts from the guestbook on the Web site of Haribo GmbH, the German candy company that makes Gummi Bears:

I'm gummi master in Japan. I have ever eaten about 100 kinds of gummi.So My conclusion is Haribo gummi is the best taste.

i would like to know if candy can be order on line can u please snd me a list in the mail ,831 south 2nd st plfd,nj 0063

when i am feeling blue i know what to do eat a big bag of jellybeans made by haribo

We love all Haribo Gums our Mummy buys them for us every week, and She buys us extra to take on holiday YUMMY GUMMYS thank you Haribo!

hallo!!i live in sweden i love candy!!!!

It's an international candy lovefest.