Milan.The city is often fog-bound.Given

The city is often fog-bound.

Given that they came up with the word for it, Italians aren't all that great at graffiti.

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When I started doing this a year ago, I thought that perhaps six of my friends would care. As it turned out, most of my friends didn't care, but a lot of random strangers did. Thanks for visiting and for your encouragement.

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My open-source-related story for the NYT was picked up on Friday by the IHT, whose site, incidentally, has an interesting approach to article layout. And my NYT story about ads and shopping on car information systems was Slashdotted over the weekend. At least 95 percent of the commentators, including the guy who wrote the initial summary, didn't bother to actually read the article. This is my favorite post:

I... can say with some degree of certainty without even reading this article that this is 99% BULLSHIT in it's purest form...

This article sucks!

If this is the future of news, we're all doomed.

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It's still burning. They say it's like the mine fire in Centralia, Pa.