Milan.This is spray-painted all over

This is spray-painted all over the neighborhood. Maybe it's a political movement.

Mysterious private menagerie.

Please don't sit on the escalator.

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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 00:22:25 -0400
From: Kathleen Randall
Subject: TWA Terminal Photos

...Did you know that the TWA Terminal formally closed October 5th? It closed with little or no fanfare three months ahead of the planned January 2002 date because of the general airline industry slowdown post-September 11. The 52-gate mega-terminal United and Jet Blue were planning to build around TWA is also in limbo...

When I'm not doing real work, I work with DOCOMOMO, a non-profit organization that advocates for the documentation and preservation of buildings and sites from the mid-century period. We are working with both the FAA and the Port Authority to get guarantees that the TWA Terminal will be properly protected while it waits in limbo for redevelopment. Now more than ever, the Port Authority will not be putting funds toward renovation and a new use. Rather, they are waiting for private developers to make proposals. This may never happen...

On the 29th representatives from DOCOMOMO and other preservation groups have been invited by the FAA to tour the building and learn a bit more about how the FAA and Port Authority are proceeding.

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From Germany: Photo-blogg.de. That's two g's.

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Bill Werde in Circuits: The DJ's New Mix: Digital Files and a Turntable. This also ran in today's IHT.