Williamsburg, Brooklyn, February 2000.. .

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, February 2000.

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Jed Ela, creator of the Ironphone, sent this out:

Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 15:42:18 -0400
From: Jed Ela <jed@apdiv.com>
Subject: Walk to Washington


Not to get all Forrest Gump on your asses, but I am walking to Washington.

I cannot take the thought that many more people could soon die, in an act of "infinite justice" I want no part of. I am against ALL state-sponsored killing and I cannot allow the world to believe such acts are committed in my name.

I am leaving in a few hours from my house in Somerville (Massachusetts).

If you would like to join me, meet me, or offer housing along the way, my cell phone number is (646) 234-6071.

Peace be on all of us.

Jed Ela