Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.Don't mess with

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.
Don't mess with the dead. Especially the rich dead.

East Village.
On the back of a truck near the Village Voice building.

East Village.
New trend in deli naming: adverbs!

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Welcome, Guardian readers, to the place where I reveal all of my most intimate feelings, just like Bridget Jones, only with less weight consciousness.

(About that Harvey Keitel sighting: I thought the Brits knew something about dry humor.)

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I wrote a 'What's Next' column for the NYT's Circuits section: Beaming Data Holds Promise, With Limits, for Networking. I have nothing clever to say about this story.

Speaking of which, does anyone have any amusing anecdotes related to the application of open-source development methods to non-open-source software?