Gas station churches, Roper, N.C.

Roper, N.C.
This town has not one...

bienvenidos mision de dios

...but two gas station churches. Fill up with the Holy Spirit. See also 6.28.

. . .

What you do when your friends in Pittsburgh can't get their scanner to work: Pictures of pictures of [removed]. See also 1.26.

I have neglected to mention new babies in Singapore and Tokyo and a wedding in San Francisco. Congratulations to all.

. . .

I got a call from a volunteer with the campaign of a guy running for City Council. Within 30 seconds she offered to give me the candidate's URL. Is it just me, or did he Photoshop his head into this photo?

. . .

Greetings to readers of The Morning News, a fine publication.

I have decided that I really must check out the High Line before they tear it down.