Accidental self-portrait.Who was it that

Accidental self-portrait.

Who was it that said the new subway cars look like the inside of a refrigerator?

In what is clearly a stealth campaign tactic, the hypermodulated station announcements on the new trains are provided by perky Bloomberg Radio personnel.

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At a party for Flaneur last night I met the creator of bkyn, a new online arts journal. The man could really drop names, which explains the interface.

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I wrote a story for today's Circuits section in the NYT: Phone Firms Seek More Time on 911 Locator. Someday, when you call 911 from your cell phone, the operator will be able to tell where you are. Someday.

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A reader writes:

i just wanted to file a complaint that the air conditioning was not working in my new 2 train today. if it looks like a refrigerator, it should feel like one too.