Trip flashback week continues.Izmir, Turkey.Gypsies

Trip flashback week continues.

Izmir, Turkey.

Gypsies at the edge of the harbor, which smelled funny.

A kid was selling CD-ROMs with MP3s of the entire recorded output of Madonna, Nirvana, Pink Floyd etc. for $3 each. I threatened to tell the RIAA and he fled in terror.

I saw these icons used in several places in Turkey to indicate women's and men's restrooms. Most Turks don't look like this.

. . .

I've received three -- oops, now it's four -- e-mail messages and attached personal files from victims of the Sircam worm. One was from a woman in the office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. None of the files were particularly intriguing, but the basic concept is. There should be grants for this sort of creative work.