I reserve the right to

I reserve the right to throw in photos from my big spring trip without warning. Today: people in Izmir, Turkey.

Amateur street gang. They asked me for money. I asked them for money. They gave me 100,000 lire. This is about 10 cents. I gave it back.

This is Besir at 2001 Kuafor Salonu. He gave me the most meticulous haircut I have ever experienced. At the end he used a huge flaming Q-Tip to burn the little hairs off my ears.

Making out at the bus station.

. . .

Saturday was hot and sunny, a perfect day for... an Internet conference: Webzine NYC. I encountered Cameron of CamWorld, a fellow Park Sloper, Swerdloff of Swerdloff (dot com), who hasn't stopped updating after all, and Douglas Rushkoff, who wrote a nice cover story for Yahoo Internet Life recently. And Andy, who is everywhere.

. . .

Flâneur has a new edition with some good photos and such.