Suntory time #

I got a Suntory C.C.Lemon Marge sticker in the mail from Andrew of GMTplus9. It was a prize of sorts. Who says you can't get free stuff on the Internet anymore?

Good fortune.

. . .

I wrote a little something that's in the business section of today's Times: Saks.com Mines a List of E-Shoppers. It was inspired by an unwanted e-mail.

Interesting follow-up note: If you call the old customer service number for Urbanfetch, you get a recording of a woman impersonating a phone-company robot: "The number you have dialed, 981-3500, has been disconnected. There is no further information." Then if you wait a few seconds, you get some voicemail system prompts, indicating that the woman was lying. The spin continues, even in the grave.