Subway issue #

West 4th St. station, Manhattan.

Seventh Ave. D-Q station, Park Slope.
So I was standing at the very end of the platform, shooting into the tunnel as a train approached. The train blew its horn, and seconds after I took this photo, it stopped at the edge of the station. The driver (engineer?) opened his window and told me, "You can't do that. All I see is a red light flashing." He was talking about the little rangefinder thing on my camera, which I had forgotten about. I said I was very sorry and wouldn't do it again.

This is kind of like having the president stop his motorcade to tell you how ugly your shirt is.

. . .

A bonus link for readers who made it to the last paragraph of my recent article about a site called Disturbing Search Requests. That site's live search-request records are here. (Warning: Contents may be disturbing.) In other words, this is a page with information about searches people are doing that have led them to a site where people post information about other searches done by other people that led them to other sites elsewhere, most of which had nothing to do with what they were actually looking for.